imageThe first Israeli ALT.NET Conference was great and finished without a hitch!

Current videos from the (un) conference:

There is also:


People are already starting to write about it (here, here) and I'd like to thank everyone who showed up at the ungodly hour of 9 am on a Friday (that's like a Saturday for you Christian heathens). The talks were interesting but for me it was mainly about meeting the people and hanging out with people I feel stupid around.

Thanks to OrenEllenbogen for doing a riveting talk about the MS CCR runtime .


Thanks for all the tools people wrote down to recommend:


Thanks to our sponsors:

Typemock (for organization and food), Sela (for great hosting!), SQLink (for great drinks and chicks!), RedGate and Jetbrains (for free licenses!)

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We will be having another one in 6 months or so and might have some "grok talk" meetings during the next months. Thanks again!

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