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Course: Leading Software Teams – Essential Practices for team leads

This november the 22nd I’ll be doing a one day workshop for software team leads on the essentials of leading a software team, and required leadership skills that need to be developed.

The full course agenda can be found here.

The course is in Israel, and in Hebrew.

Course Description:

Congratulations - you’re a new team lead!
You’re very skilled technically, but can you drive a team of software developers to achieve amazing things?

  • Can you see the full software delivery process from start to end?
  • You know what proper code should look like, but do you know how to drive you team members to write such code?
  • You know that short iterations work great, but you have a bunch of developers who don’t believe this is such a great idea, and you’re stuck!
  • You believe in so many things, and yet, even as a team lead, you feel powerless to drive them with your team members.

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