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Upcoming travel: SEConf, NDC

Trying to balance work life and … life… is challenging. I’ve taken quite a bit of a vacation from speaking engagements, but starting June I’m back to some of my old antics. Here’s my travel schedule if you care enough:

  • Vienna, June 16: I will be doing the Keynote session as well as three other sessions on the first day of the Software Engineering Conference in Vienna. Topics include: 10 ways agile adoption can fail, tips and tricks for dev teams, unit testing best practices and understanding TDD (intro). My guitar will accompany me.
  • Oslo, June 17-18-19: I will be doing a full day of talks at the awesome NDC, mostly about TDD, unit testing with mock objects, and such, but also will talk deeply about CThru and Silverlight unit testing. My guitar will accompany me.
  • Oslo, August 24-28: I will be doing the 5 day Test Driven Development in .NET master class  in Oslo, Norway.

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