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TDD Course Day 2 – “What I Learned Today”

Here’s what people at my course in Norway had to say at the end of the day to the question “Tell me one thing you “got” today “:

  • Lambda expressions (many of the isolation frameworks require heavy use of Lambda Expressions)
  • Stub vs. Mock – the differences
  • The different isolation frameworks (Isolator, Rhino Mock, Moq)
  • How to Fake methods on classes
  • Faking static methods (using Isolator, and refactoring)
  • How to fake stuff in general
  • Learned i have a lot to learn
  • How to use moq
  • How to test classes with many dependencies
  • Test first actually works! (many felt today that writing the test first was just “automatic” without any thought – and really helped)
  • Why good test naming is important (also helps direct you when you are “lost” in the test
  • Design by contract removes waiting for other teams in the company

TDD Master Class Day # 3 – “What I learned today”

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