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TDD Master Class Day # 3 – “What I learned today”

Today’s edition had two questions: what was really hard to accomplish today, and what did you learn?


The different isolation frameworks

Swapping all instances of a type

How the Isolate.IgnoreCall method really works (it should be renamed! to DoNothing)

Keeping the test simple

No need to overuse isolation frameworks

Isolator stands out (easier to remember syntax)

Legacy code CAN be tested

important to recognize bloated tests (and refactoring it)

”got”  the “extract and override” pattern

Learned to use ”isolation” instead of ”mocking” frameworks

Manual stubs and mocks can really simplify tests


Hard to go slow and incremental

Naming tests is still hard

Making legacy tests readable and less bloated

Creating tests that fail for the right reason

Testing legacy code

Mixed up the frameworks all the time

How to flip through docs

Override methods through a framework vs. manually

- making the frameworks work like i want

- Error messages on ALL isolatoin frameworks suck make them More like Nunit`s error messages

- IDE api tooltips for ALL isolation frameworks suck, including a few of Isolator


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