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Announcing the Team Leadership Google Group

I believe the next wave of issues that we will need to start solving is that of software team leadership.

We may all believe in the stuff that agile, tdd and the like bring to the company, but we often have problems following through on these, since we can't find a way to drive the people in our teams to "get" these things. Team leadership is the essential skill that binds together the will do be better and the ability to drive a team to be better, and to eventually truly become a self directing group of people.
I think most software leads suck at people skills, at driving their team and getting things ready to be more agile. and I think that's one of the main reasons some agile adoptions fail so badly.

But I have not found a place to get answers on leading teams at the people level, or even at the basic skill level that would target exactly this role.
I started for that reason, but I believe that many of us will benefit from a more open and honest dialog about managing people, the problems we deal with, and ways to solve them.

I invite you to join the group at

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