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Steal My Book

last night I found out on twitter, that people are spreading the full PDF versions of my book. What made me angry was that the person who did this had the audacity to also retweet stuff I said, a few minutes after spreading a link to an illegal copy of my book.

then I got a few responses, some supportive, some telling me that “that’s the way things are” and that it might actually be a good thing.

So I decided to have an experiment.

I’m going to give you some links to download an illegal, full PDF version of my book. A book that took me three years to finish. A book that I started with zero kids, and was released with me having two kids. A book that has changed during its writing, that I learned a lot from, and that I am making about 2$ off of every PRINT copy sold, and much less on PDF copies sold (in short – the money ain’t great).

I want you to steal my book as PDF. and if you like it, I want you to be straight about it, and purchase either the PDF version of it, or buy a print version on Manning or Amazon’s site.

Here goes:

Buy the print or the PDF eBook on the Manning site

Buy the print book on Amazon  (FYI – every print copy has a coupon for a full PDF copy inside)

Download the FULL Illegal PDF of the book from RapidShare

(or just google for an illegal version)


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