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What’s coming in Test Lint 1.5

Test Lint is an “as you type” parser that detects common readability, maintainability and trust anti-patterns in your unit tests. the addin for VS is free. there is also a command line version that you can use in your automated builds.

Here’s a sneak preview of things to come in Test Lint next month (here are the still unfinished new docs):

  • we added 3 categories for rules – Trust, Readability, and Maintainability

We’ve added 10 new rules to Test Lint, that detect more “advanced” yet common problematic scenarios:

New Trust Related Issues:

  • Avoid hand rolled mocks or stubs that contain custom logic (hard coded values or pure logic)
  • We’ll try to detect when you put production logic in your unit test, and give you a hint about it
  • We’ll help make sure you separate unit from integration tests, by detecting integration tests in a project that doesn’t have the word “integration” at its subject.
  • Avoid Random Generation in tests: your test will keep changing on every run.

new Readability Rules:

  • Avoid confusing mocks and stub variable names
  • Don’t create fakes in setup methods

New Maintainability rules

  • Prefer factory method to create objects under test
  • Avoid over specification in test (calling verifyAll on mocks)

New Isolator Specific Rule

  • Avoid calling “new” inside “whencalled” calls

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