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Join me for a live webinar on unit testing with Isolator++ this thursday

In three days, this Thursday, I’ll be giving a half hour online webinar on our latest product, Isolator++ and some usage patterns with it on C++ code. I might even do a little song in honor of C++ – still need to figure out what to base it on – ideas are welcome!

Who should attend the webinar?

  • C++ developers working on the windows platform
  • Devs who love GoogleMock and think it’s the greatest thing since fake bread.
  • Devs who tried unit testing, but hate every minute of it
  • Devs who are afraid to try unit testing in C++

What will be covered

  • The basic API design principles of Isolator++ (from AAA to recursive fakes, loose fakes, sticky behavior etc..)
  • What can Isolator++ do that others can’t?
  • Code examples using Google Test framework and Isolator++, to test nasty untestable C++ code
  • Possibly a short song, suitable for the occasion, performed live.


Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST

Oh, I almost forgot!

In honor of the first release of Isolator++, we’re giving away a free Isolator++ license to all webinar attendees .

To attend the webinar, you can register here.

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