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Bounty: 500$ is you can convert my blog to squarespace

update: someone has taken the challenge and is now working on the solution.

I gave up trying to relocate my community server blog to a squarespace site on my own – the software to do this properly just does not exist. so here’s a test:

I hereby offer the following bounty : 500 USD for the following software:

- will convert the BlogML format produced by Community Server into one of the formats accepted by Squarespace Blog Import (Blogger, MovableType  or TypePad)

- will give me a simple form that allows me to replace the text in al my EXISTING community server blog posts to text of my choosing /or redirect to the new blog on squarespace


I will only pay this AFTER I see this works, but I’m willing to i give half upfront if I know you and trust you.

Once this works for me I will also publish this software for free use by anyone interested to move out of CommunityServer.


Contact me. Only the FIRST to accomplish this gets the money.

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