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2 day TDD workshop in London, UK - March 2011

During March, right before QCON, I’ll be hosting a 2 day intense TDD workshop in London, UK. It’s in C#. I’m still looking for the right place to host it in, but it will be in London, that’s for sure!

It’s the first event I’ll be trying to arrange all on my own, so I also get to set my own limits  - NO MORE THAN 12 STUDENTS. This will give me lots of time with each student, and also the ability to dive deeper into various subjects with a smaller class.

You don’t have to have ANY experience with TDD to join this class. It starts from zero knowledge assumptions. But the hope is that by the end of two days you’ll know enough to feel a bit more comfortable tackling something from the real world, or at least knowing where to look if you get stuck.

More importantly, it’s about getting the first few steps right. I’ve seen plenty of people taking the first steps wrongly, and ending up failing an entire adoption process because of unmaintainable tests, for example.

This workshop will also allow to sponsor my free talks at the upcoming QCON london conference right after the workshop ends.

I hope you’ll join me! There are only 4 early bird tickets.

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