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Want a free seat for my TDD class in march? Propose a challenge.

In a few weeks I will be giving a full two day TDD class in .NET, in London, at the SkillsMatter facilities.

To celebrate the first course ever that I am doing “alone” (without any host organizing things for me), I’m giving away one free seat for the full two days (it does not include flight or hotel costs).

But who to select? Ah. a challenge is in order!

Propose a challenge that I’ll ask people to do – anything that people could share online relating to unit testing in some way.

some things I’m considering (but happy to hear better ideas) :

  • Tell your worst war stories relating to unit testing\TDD
  • Make a short video about unit testing\tdd
  • write the best sob story on why you deserve it
  • bribes
  • selling the ticket on ebay
  • naked pict…. never mind.

any idea is welcome. as you can see, I’m struggling.

I will declare this challenge within 3 days.

Free TDD Class Seat in March - Here's How

Multiple mocks, asserts, and hidden results