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Free event and 5 day TDD masterclass in Copenhagen this month

Hi all. Two things to announce:

  • TDD Master Class: If you’re in or near Copenhagen this month, and are interested in joining my 5 day TDD master class in .NET, you can learn more about it here
    • This is the only time this year I am doing the full length 5 day version of this course - I want it to go deeeep down into interesting problems. With five full days, we get a chance to dig and really get used to TDD, and work on interesting and sometimes quite difficult problems. 
    • I tell people who finish my five day course that if they did well in this course, they should have no problem dealing with any tdd related problem in the wild. It containts the building blocks that you would need to solve most if not all of the problems I’ve encountered in my real work.
    • The class is always changing  - for example - I no longer teach rhino mocks, but instead Moq and FakeItEasy. Also, I’ve encourporated Nuget into the lessons. Maybe this time we’ll do something new!
  • Free Event: If you’re not joining the course, maybe we can still meet up - I’m doing a free event - talking about test reviews and good unit tests on thursday evening during the course week. 

Want me to teach at your place?

If you’re interested in having me over to your place (Europe or scandinavia - US is too far for someone with 3 little kids), I invite you to help me plan my 2012 schedule. Several companies are working on getting me over, and I love traveling (3 little kids, you know..!)

What You Don't Know You Don't Know

Want me to train or consult in your company during 2012?