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Hire me as your ruby intern for a year

Want to pay me peanuts for dedicated work? Here’s how!

You can contact me here


What you get

A fast learner with a good track record of shipping products, good knowledge of unit testing concepts and TDD , brain storming, curious developer who will work for peanuts. for 50% to 80% job. Already has basic web experience (jQuery mainly).

What I get

A place in Israel where I can learn and develop in Ruby (or mobile) as part of a real team with real experience doing it, on a Mac or Linux desktop. And a car. And a beginner’s salary. That’s it.


The Details

Now that I’ve left Typemock behind me, For the next year I plan to live life outside the Microsoft world.   Outside of training courses that will help pay my way,  I plan to not touch .NET at all, and Windows either. Many of the reasons I can think of have been summed up beautifully in this blog post

I want to know what I don’t know about the “other side” of things. Mucking with ruby and Ubuntu in the past couple of months has shown me several interesting things about the open source culture, its innovation, and more importantly, has helped shine the light more on how MS developers are being treated by Microsoft, without even being aware of it (not as well as they should, basically).

I’m quite sure that Ruby, Python and open source isn’t going to be perfect, and that there are pros and cons to each side of the camp, but at the very least I plan to dig through as much as possible so that I can safely switch between camps based on what I need to do.

In order to do that I want to offer myself up for internship  - starting from scratch :

What company am I looking for?

If you’re a company in Israel, working purely on non MS technologies, not even the operating system you code on, and you’re building some sort of website\mobile app with some sort of ruby\other open source combo – I’d love to help.

For either a half or 80% job, I’d be happy with a car and a fresh out of school salary. I believe that the best learning comes from doing, and that doing is about doing something *real*. not just a personal thing.

If you’d like to have me work for you and you’re a non MS shop – I’d be happy to hear and learn something new!

If you’re a MS shop just getting into these technologies as well, you’re not what I’m looking for. I’m looking to work with people who already know what they are doing, and can mentor me on what they have learned.

I’m also planning to apply to Google as a tester in the coming months. There’s a 50% chance of me getting in. I just need to prepare my math\algo skills (having no formal degree, I hear that’s kinda of a problem.)  But in the meantime, if something awesome was to come along, I would not say no! (except to Google!)

The Journey Begins (and why it starts with Ruby)

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