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The Journey Begins (and why it starts with Ruby)

I am so freaking glad  I made this move. I’ve gotten more than a dozen emails from companies in Israel doing non-MS stuff, who may be interested in me interning for them. Technologies range from Java Based Scalability and Infrastructure running against NOSQL databases in the cloud, to pure Ruby on Rails against MySql and into Django\Python material.

The open source scene in Israel seems to be steaming with opportunity.

Some people have asked me why I chose to work in Ruby. Why not Python? Why not Node.Js? The answer is  - that I only choose to start with Ruby. One has to start with something, and from my journey so far, Ruby seems to be the most welcoming to newbies, and with the largest community.

I might be totally wrong, of course, but that’s the beauty of this journey. I don’t know what I don’t know yet. I’m about to know what it is that I don’t know, and then I’ll know that I need to learn it.

I don’t know in what priority to learn things, so I’m just plunging head first into the open source pool with something that seems reasonable. I may look back on this move and laugh how silly it was that I chose Ruby, but by then, I will have learned a great deal.

Some of the companies I’ve been in contact with so far:

and a few more.

Thanks for taking a risk with me!


I’ll be meeting with all of them and sharing what I can during my learning process.

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