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Norway - Stavanger Elastic Leadership Class

This is very short notice, (which is why there is a surprise) - but During December 15-16, I’ll be doing my Elastic Leadership Course “Lead Better” in Stavanger, Norway.

This course is for new and experienced software team leaders, who want to get things done. It touches all the points not covered in the today’s ‘Agile’, ‘Scrum’ and ‘Project Management’ courses - people skills, influence techniques and understanding team phases.

It is based on my experiences blogged at - but with much more details and exercises.

What’s the surprise? because it’s such short notice, all tickets are around 20% off regular ticket price (no double discounts!) (10,900 non instead of 13,900).

For registration and info click here.

NOTE: the course will run only if we have 5 or more attendees registered.

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