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Ruby User Group: upcoming meeting on Ruby next week

Hi all.

Next week the Ruby Underground meeting is actually taking place in Microsoft in Herzliya.

The topics of the meeting will be about Sinatra, and a glimpse of one developer's development environment and what tools they use on a daily basis.

It is totally free to join, and if you're interested in Ruby at all, this is a warm and welcoming group of people who'd love to help you learn!



  1. What, why and when of Sinatra? Why not Rails?
  2. Hello world. (building a live app)
  3. Routes. Views. ActiveRecord?
  4. Testing.
  5. Overview of advanced stuff.

My development environment (50 min) by Reuven Lerner

I've been developing in Ruby for about six years now, and have assembled over time a number of tools that provide me with an environment optimized for rapid development.  I'll demonstrate the tools that I use, starting with the GNU Emacs editor and several add-ins for it, the Rails console (and IRB) and a number of useful gems for it, my Git configuration, and the configuration I've set up for my Unix shell.

see you there,


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