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The first Ruby on Rails course in Israel is open for registration

if you've ever wanted to learn ruby on rails in Israel, but didn't know how to start on your own, I think you'd find this very interesting! (no, I am not teaching it. someone with much more experience than me is)

Web Development in Ruby on Rails

Course Number 4564 – 40 Hours

This is an introductory course to Ruby on Rails, a popular, open-source framework for developing Web applications. Developers (and the organizations for which they work) love Rails, because it allows them to create high-quality applications quickly and reliably. Both Ruby andRails embrace object-oriented programming to a very large degree, also embracing (and encouraging) the use of “metaprogramming” to turnRails into a library that is especially useful and tuned for creating a particular Web application.
The course begins with an overview of the Ruby language, and then progresses through the major elements of the Rails framework, including numerous hints for getting the most out of it. The course concludes with participants building a Web application that is of personal interest and value, using the skills that they have learned during the course.
Course Contents:
  • Ruby language
  • Introduction to Rails, and ActiveRecord
  • Controllers, views, and helpers
  • Ajax and advanced topics
  • Personal project

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