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Looking for full time work in Norway

It’s decided.

I want to live with my family in norway (unless some magical opportunity comes my way from Sweden!) for a few years and see what happens. It seems like a big place of opportunity and learning, and here in Israel the feeling is that I’m kind of stuck. plus the travel to Norway 4 times a year is not great. 

I’m looking for a company to sponsor me for a work permit for a year or more (1-2 years for now). This is a full time job, and what I’m looking for is working in any of the following areas: 

  • Training about TDD and Team Leadership
  • CTO
  • Consuting about TDD and team leadership
  • Coding and leading (.NET or Ruby, Or Python or Node.js Or frontend stuff, hopefully more than one langauge)
  • Writing and Speaking at places
  • … Your ideas are welcome. I’ll try anything once..!

Contact me

What I need:


  • the company handles all the paperwork for getting me and my family over there
  • the company helps me find a place for the family to live, school and kindergarten for my kids
  • I need to be able to continue providing my courses, possibly even more of them, with some cut to the hosting company 
  • A role where I can make a difference



Either August 2012 or Aug 2013, depending on how fast we can make things happen.

If you want me to work with you ping me here

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