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I’m in London this week – looking for training or consulting gigs (tdd and team leadership)

I’ve decided to stay in London for the week, instead of desperately trying to get home. I hope things will get better by the week’s end. That also means that I’m now looking for interesting consulting or training gigs to do while I’m in London.

possibilities:  (contact me by clicking here)

  • Test review session: I’ll come over and review your unit tests, and help optimize them for readability, maintainability and trustworthiness
  • Tdd training session: a one, two or three day tdd training for your company or team
  • Team leadership skills: a one or two days training for your new team leads about skills that will help them grow and reincarnate their team into a healthy, super productive team.
  • Speaking: I’d love to come in and talk about various subjects: team leadership, tdd and unit testing or something along those lines.

click here to get more details about what’s possible

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