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Funny Volcanic Ash Tweets

Now that I’m officially stuck in the UK (for ACCU) until the cloud of ash thinks it’s OK, I’ve gathered some funny tweets from #ashtag:

  1. @the_pc_doc: I, for one, welcome our new volcanic overloads. #ashtag
  2. @CloudierK: Just like Bjork,volcano ash is a typically Icelandic export: awesome at first,but gets boring rather quickly #ashtag
  3. Iceland farts and Europe holds its breath. #ashtag
  4. @twmercer: Honestly. If you can't look after your volcano you shouldn't be allowed to keep one. #ashtag
  5. @davidgilson: I have just cried with laughter. The volcano is tweeting! follow @Eyjafjalla #ashtag
  6. @Jemandi: Can all airlines in the UK planning to strike in the nearby future, please go ahead and do it straight away. #ashtag
  7. @johnbowman: Man. The last time Iceland emitted something this annoying, it was wearing a swan dress

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