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MS Digital City, and a funny amateur video commercial

This Thursday and Friday Microsoft is holding it's "Digital City" conference in Tel Aviv Israel.
There are many gadgets and gizmos shown there. I'm also presenting there 3 sessions of 30 minutes (err, same session 3 times).
I'll be replacing Yosi Taguri's presentations which will be about the Tablet PC and Digital Ink future lifestyle. In short - I'll be showing lots of really cool and funny demos of stuff you can do with Ink and various MS research applications on a tablet. It's pretty fun and gave me the chance to actually use a tablet (I don't own one..).
I'm actually getting 3 different tablets for the presentations and I've been carrying one around all this week, using it in meetings and such. I have to say - it's growing on me. There are various usability points that make it very nice to work with, though my hand writing is sometimes too awful to recognize as text. still some way to go on this area, but I definitely see potential there.
I present at these times:
Digital Ink and Tablet PC future
Thursday: 12:30 - 13:00
                  18:00 - 18:30
Friday:    10:30 - 11:00
speaking of which, Microsoft is holding a digital video commercial contest as part of this shindig. There weren't a lot of entries so far, but one of them was really funny. Check it out; it's called "Laser Pets" :-)

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