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[Cool Tool] Chocolatey for windows is what you will not live without in two years

OK, the name isn’t amazing, but having lived in linux land for a while now, and on mac too, the one thing I miss in windows is a no-hassle, dialog-free installation experience, that I can just do using a command line.

Chocolatey is as close as it gets, and it makes for a very good experience.

Just go to and check out the simple instructions.

after a simple install you should be able to install a bunch of apps very easily without having to :


  • go to a site
  • download an installer
  • unzip maybe
  • run installer
  • press all the dialogs


you would just do a simple command line “c:\cinst [[application name]]”

and that’s it. here’s the list of things you can install now, and you can quite easily create more.

I think it should be awesome to bae able to install typemock isolator that way (hint!) but I don’t work there anymore, so I can’t make it happen. If I did, I would.

I hope that people will start using this for automated software deployments too. 

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