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March 7 : Refactoring Skills for Unit Testing and TDD Course

update: the course is running. we have 8 participants so far. yay!

I usually do not focus about design in my TDD courses. I believe that separating the learning about the core skills of Unit Testing, TDD, and Design should be separated so that the learner will not feel overwhelmed.

this is why I am happy to announce I have a new course about design. March 7 I will be doing a TWO DAY workshop on Refactoring skills for Unit Testing and TDD here in Oslo.

For registration, just contact me directly

What the course will cover:

  • Clean Code and SOLID Design Principles
  • Design for Testability
  • Refactoring patterns on hard to test legacy code
  • Writing tests against refactored code
  • When it does and does not make sense to refactor
  • We will also take a look at open source projects and try to see how we would refactor them.

Cost: 11,900 NOK per participant, includes lunch, but not hotel or flights.

The course will fit both Java and .NET programmers since the refactoring skills are relevant to both languages, and examples can be in both.


To run, the course needs at least 5 participants, to register by end of this month. so do not book flights until I update this post that we have 5.

update: the course is running. we have 8 participants so far. yay!

For registration, just contact me directly

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