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Six Tools for managing multiple remote desktop sessions on windows and mac

I use both mac and windows at work, and I do a lot of remote desktop stuff as well. I asked on twitter “what tools would you recommend on windows to manage remote desktops?”

here is the list I got:

  • RemoteNG - oldie but a goodie
  • Microsoft’s own free RDCMan - nice and simple
  • RoyalTS – windows, mac and mobile, not free. I found this one very annoying and laborious to configure, although it did work well
  • Terminals – open source client
  • MultiRdPC – open source client
  • Cord – (mac only) – open source client that I really like on the mac. easier to use than royalts and free.

other ideas? specific recommendations? comment!

side note: if you ever wondered how to enable multiple RDP sessions to a windows 2008 server, here.

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