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Visual Basic Resource Kit (C# developers are not banned!)

The download isn't up yet, it takes some time to sign and virus scan an entire CD packaged up as a zip, but the site that details what is included is there!

Check out for all the details, and you can even order yourself a copy of the CD if you want to avoid the downloading hassles...

Quick highlights; a ton of free controls (not just trial editions) from Component One, Dundas, Infragistics, and Sax (Sax is provided a serial communication control!!!!), a pile of sample code, whitepapers and multi-media content as well.

Oh, and just a small point... all of the controls should work fine in C# as far as I know :)

[Duncan Mackenzie ]

Update: The download is available online now!

Um.. need I say more?

Visual Studio .NET Shortcut Key Guide

Congratulations Robert!