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New year's Nant, pathetic geek style

It's no wonder that I'm sitting here right now, in front of the computer, about to write about the new release of Nant(0.84 final), while on the outside, the "party of parties" is going on a block from the office, to celebrate the new year in Flore, Norway, my hometown until the end of January.

Once a year, Flore has the "party of parties" to celebrate the Xmas and the new year. This year was no exception. However, the logistics of the thing are pretty weird. First, there is basically just one party. Sure, lots of small places are open, but this is the one party that will probably hold 90% of all partiers in the region. The thing is, it looks more like a high school graduation. You have to buy the tickets a few days in advance (at outrageous prices). At around 19:00 the door opens at a dance pub called "windjammer". it's boys night out. no girls. but there are strippers(yes my wife knows). At the same time the girls have their own party in a different place where they get male strippers as well. at around 23.00 both parties , boys and girls, leave the pubs (as they are closing) and go to the city cinema, where a joined party is held. yes, that's right. The boys and girls get drunk and horny on their own, and then they go and meet each other on the cinema dance floor. Lots of music, and boy can Norwegians get drunk!

Anyway, I return to the fact that it's no wonder that I'm here writing this while the party at the cinema is going on. It's no wonder because, like a true geek, I don't feel like myself at that party. I don't know anyone(except two folks who I work with, but they work too drunk to be hospitable ;)  ), don't know the language and the DJ kept screaming loudly in Norwegian which, apparently, was a pretty good joke because everyone answered back with a different Norwegian proverb which only Scandinavian folks would know. I went back to the only place that feels safe and familiar. know the feeling?

So. Here I am, checking the weblogs, announcing Nant (link via Sam) attempting not  to sound too pathetic. But I guess it's too late for that , isn't it?

Code: CRUD base classes for unit testing

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