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About Roy Osherove

Name: Roy Osherove

Date of Birth: 17/08/1975

Family Status: Married to a beautiful wife named Tal. Were married 2 days after the 9-11 at NYC. (Must be a good sign, right ...?).

My wife Tal is a SP.NET/Win forms  programmer for the past 5 years. We also have a Cat named "Zion" (pronounced "Tzi-yon"). It was named so because when Tal Found it on the street she said "Zion" and he Meowed (which, apparently, is a very big sign of trust in the cat world..).

We all live together at a city called “Petah-Tikva“ near tel-aviv, Israel

Occupation: Developer/Team leader/Methodologist/speaker/architect and so on and so forth....

I am a Microsoft MVP.

I Currently hold three MCP titles :

 - Developing Applications with Visual Basic 6.0

 - Developing Distributed Applications with VB 6.0

 - Developing Windows Applications with C#

My short bio:

Roy Osherove has spent the past 7+ years developing data driven applications for various companies in Israel. He's a Microsoft MVP, holds several MCP titles, written various .NET related articles, some of them published on MSDN, and most of which can be found on his weblog. Roy is also the author of the now famous free regular expression tool, The Regulator, and speaks in various community groups and conferences on topics such as Test Driven Development, Agile methodologies, Regular Expressions and extensible .Net applications. Roy works as a senior consultant at Magen, a Microsoft Technology Center in Israel and his main passion is community and discovering new and wonderful things in the world of technology and methodology


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