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.Net Rocks Rocks!

I think i've written about this already, but i would like to stress the coolness and the sheer joy of listening to the insightful interviews that are broadcast on .Net Rocks radio show.

Listen to Dan Appleman(My API Guru) , Alan Cooper(My Interaction Design Guru), Mark Andres(My ASP.Net Guru-God-Creator-with-Scott-Guthrie), Chris Sells(My new found .Net Guru) and lots of others talk about the insides of interesting stuff concerning the technology we work with, the attitudes we use, the psychology behind many things, how some things came to be as they are today .. It's like having the conversation you always wanted with your Guru of choice :).

 I burn CD's of the Mp3 shows(most fit perfectly on an 80/700MB CD) and listen to them on my way to and from work.

Totally Recommended!


[From the .Net Rocks site]

Carl Franklin and Mark Dunn interview .NET experts and other industry movers and shakers, and answer your .NET questions on the air, all for the purpose of bringing you insights into .NET technology, the marketplace, and the state of software development in general.

We recommend the Archos Multimedia Jukebox MP3 player You can download the shows in MP3 format or listen to a Windows Media audio stream.

Drag 'n Drop Performance Counters!

The equivalent of a VB6 ActiveX Exe using .Net would be..?