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I'm available again

It's that time again. At the end of next week I will be finishing up my work in Norway and will be coming back to Israel. That means I'll be available for job offers. If you are in Israel or abroad and would like to talk about doing consulting/full time development work at your firm, contact me. My CV (Hebrew and English) and information on how to contact me is available on this link. (my Hebrew CV is a bit dated and does not include the last 2 months in Norway yet, but the English one does)

Update: In a stroke of pure bad luck, my home server fell due to a power outage, so my personal homepage is not available. Hope it comes back tomorrow. Meanwhile my CV can still be downloaded from other sources.

One thing that I did in Norway was to teach a group of developers how to do Test Driven Development, including unit testing, refactoring, pair programming and communication techniques. It was an amazing experience and if you'd like I can do the same for your company. I'll be posting a more elaborate article on the results and the way it was done, but I can tell you people are excited and are more productive and bug free than ever.

OK. Enough with the shameless plug :)


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