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IntelliJ IDEA keeps getting better

While VS.Net 2005 tries to keep up, IntelliJ IDEA (for Java) continues to improve itself with loads of very cool, very powerful stuff, and be (in my mind) the best IDE on the market today for productivity coding (sadly it does not support C#/VB.Net...yet?).
Now they just need to keep up Resharper with the new features and its a win-win situation.
It keeps me smiling to watch JetBrains' (makers of said products) site filled with lots of little typos and errors, and a total lack of real "What's new" documentation on Resharper. Is it just me or does it seem like their letting their (most talented) developers also update the online site?
yeah - this is a .Net blog - but you've gotta give props to the competition, right? They totally deserve it.


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