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The Road to Agile: a series of online presentations

There is a series of cool online "webinars" ( online live presentations) at Rally Development:
here's the list of all four presentations. already watched the first one and it was very very interesting.
Tom Poppendieck
The Agile Customer Toolkit
Rally Software Development in pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Fall, 2004 The Road To Agile Webinar Series. During the months of October, November and December, Rally will host an exclusive series of webinars focused on providing software teams with the practical tools, tips and techniques for succeeding with Agile development practices. You'll learn how to advance your company's competitiveness and make your job more fun and rewarding. These free, one hour webinars are unique in their quality of speakers with all topics presented by recognized Agile experts who have helped hundreds of companies speed delivery of customer value and improve team productivity.

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