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Blogsphere viral marketing

Gavin knows how to do viral marketing well. I'm writing this, arn't I? :)
Here's another great viral marketer:

“Anyway, John offers an interesting deal on his website. He writes:

Imagine you are applying for a job and the interviewer asks you this question. How would you handle it? Send me your most creative answer to and I’ll use your answer with credit to you in the book. I will also send you a signed copy. This is not a trick question. Any prisoner in the country can try it.

You are a prisoner in solitary confinement serving a life sentence. It is Friday afternoon and you absolutely must have a cigarette. The only person who can give you one is the guard outside your cell. What do you do to get a cigarette?

(via Gretchen)

What Add-ins would you like to see in the contest?

VB.Net is diverging from C#. That can't be bad, or can it?