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What Add-ins would you like to see in the contest?

The Add-In contest is really picking up steam. The prizes rock, and hopefully we'll all be getting some cool entries that we can all benefit from. However, I got a good suggestion from Eric Brunsen:
“How about adding a little "flavor" to your contest. have a place/way for people to post ideas of add-ins they would like, and then post them somewhere.  This way, developers who want to play, but can't think of a good add-in would have some samples to choose from.“
Good idea! So, in this spirit - if you have an idea for an add-in you wish to see submitted to the contest - post a comment here. I'll also link to it from the main contest page. Who knows, you just may get what you wish for!
Happy thinking!
You don't have to come up with only “useful“ add-ins. “cool“ and “totally weird“ can also be considered. As an example, her'es an idea for a wacky Add-in I'd like to see in VS.Net:
Add-in suggestion:
Name: ”Coding pet
Description: A virtual dog,cat or monkey will roam inside VS.Net, screaming “yowza!“whenever you hit a breakpoint,  and doing a double back flip whenever a build has ended. It will also feature the occasional pink elephant flying across (and inside) the VS.Net form designer if it is open“

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