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Hands on Test Driven Development - class resources needed

[Note: this post applies to Israeli blog readers]

One of the talks that I *really* want to do at one of the user groups is “Hands on Test Driven Development Explained” (like this one). The thing about TDD is that the only way I've found people to start “getting” it, is by actually doing it. “doing” is a strong word. “Experiencing the mind switch” is a better description of the process that takes place.
There really is no other way to teach TDD except by a hands-on walk through with the instructor.
The main problem with this is that none of the user group facilities that I've seen or know about (Microsoft's place or HP's building in Raanana) have a computer class with computers for the “students” as well, like in a real computer school(like Sivan or John Bryce). So here's the deal - if you are from Israel and know someone who would like to “donate” a class room off hours along with full computer instruction equipement for about 3-4 hours please contact me through my blog contact link or email me at and we can work out the details.
I'm also wondering - assuming we can actually get such a classroom - would you attend? I'd like to hear reasons if not.

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