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Israel C# User Group: How to write your own object relational mapping

Date:    Wednesday, January 19, 17:00 - 20:00

Place:   Microsoft Israel 

            Hapnina 2  (Amdocs Building)

            Ground Floor


+972 (9) 762-5100         

 Parking is available at the Kurkar parking lot. Proceed straight past the traffic circle and the parking lot will be on your right.

 Topic: How to write your own object relational mapping

 Lecturer: Udi Dahan

 Now that most developers have realized the benefits of using OO, it’s time to see how to take those objects and persist them to a database. We will see the design and code of a layered architecture in 3 cases: when using DataSets and DataAdapters, when using something called Persistent Objects, and when using true Object Relational Mapping. Also, we will see the proper way to handle complex queries/reports in all of these cases.

Udi Dahan is a Microsoft Israel recognized .Net development expert and head of .Net development at KorenTec where he leads C4I projects. Udi speaks regularly at user groups throughout the country on advanced .NET topics. His experience spans technologies related to Command & Control systems, Real Time applications, and high-availability Internet services using C#/.Net and MS SQL Server databases.

Udi is known as a primary authority on Service Oriented Architectures in Israel and consults on several nation-wide initiatives. His passion is simplicity, focusing on delivering value and increasing productivity through the use of agile practices.

Although admission is free and you may attend without reserving a place, we kindly request that you notify us if you plan to attend so that we can be sure to have enough chairs and FOOD! Thank you.

Moshe Raab

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