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Amazoner 1.0.1 - Larger Images for Books and a dedicated website

A new version of Amazoner is out. Not many changes, but the main thing is that the book images are now bigger, oh and it's compiled using Visual Studio 2005 RTM out 2 days ago (relies on .NET 2.0 final).
I Created a dedicated Site for this tool, from now on located here:
The latest version is 1.0.1 .
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Created using MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 RTM (.NET 2.0)

Change List
Version 1.0.1
added:        search button disabled while searching
fixed:          Error dialog appears if any problem arises during query instead of crashing
added:        if not connected, clicking the search button will provide an informational dialog telling you so
changed:    Medium sized images are now being used for books instead of the original small size
                  (due to public requests)

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