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Announcing Regex Kit: Regular Expression Visualizers for VS 2005

I've been hibernating with everything relating to regular expressions for quite sometime now. I'm still working on the Regulator 3.0 (built on .NET 2.0), but for now, I thought I'd release these:

Visual Studio allows creating "Debug Visualizers" for all types in .NET framework as well as custom types.
You can find such visualizers for Datasets, strings and XML. There wasn't one for Regular expressions, until now.
These visualizers allow you to "visualize" the following types:


Download Version 1.00 (90k)

Read the installation and usage instructions

Some Screenshots:

This is the visualizer for a MatchCollection object. Contains Syntax Highlighting,  hierarchical match view, input and regex options.

This is the 2nd tab located on the left side of the dialog. A verbal description of the pattern text. (By Eric Gunnerson)


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