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Going to Thailand for a couple of weeks

My wife an I are going on a two week trip to Thailand this Wednesday (2 days from now..ack!). It's a long awaited, and well deserved vacation for the both of us.
Our "plan" is pretty agile :) We have a two week iteration with a design goal of getting lots of rest, seeing some island beaches, ride bikes, have a new year's party and have lots of pictures.
We're not sure how to do that yet, but the first two days are signed off on, as we will be meeting up with a friend who lives there.
Another design goal is no blogging for two weeks. Sorry.
This past year saw Tail almost finishing up her CS degree (she's been studying like mad) and the rise of my new business. It's been eventful, interesting and most of all - fun!. May the next year contain all three!
Happy early new year and happy Hanukkah!
See you all on the flip side :)

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