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[Interview]Kieran Mockford, MSBuild Program Manager - on MSBuild, TDD, the Microsoft build process and much more

Another one for your listening pleasure :)

Kieran Mockford-  Program manager for MSBuild, Microsoft -

Building MSBuild, Test Driven Development style (February 28, 2005)

Length: 67 minutes.

Language: English.



Roy Talks with  Kieran Mockford, the program manager for MSBuild, Microsoft's brand new build tool offering. Kieran spills the beans that MSBuild was developed using Test Driven Development methodologies with tools such as NUnit. Kieran tells about the various problems and solutions they encountered trying to learn TDD, then the talk moves to MSBuild and the need for "real" incremental build abilities and the Microsoft internal build process. It's a Fascinating look behind the scenes of Microsoft's internal tools for source control and continuous integration automation tools.

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