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Flickr! - get ready for Flippr! (and a new Israeli dev blogger)

Found this guy, Ohad's weblog, on through
He's a developer and has some small little utilities to download.
For example, he wrote (in C++!) a utility that grabs process info off Google on each process running on your machine and tells you if you should check it out more. Not very helpful, actually, but nice to know he's a creative dude :)
Something a little more creative I just found on his blog is 'Flippr':
Flippr! is a simple application that grabs pictures from (The supercool photo-sharing website) and throws them on your desktop.
It's easy to tell Flippr! what 'kind' of pictures you're looking for (
Indeed, looks interesting! I should have to check this out.
Checking out his blog I see that he has more stuff he's done. I'll just bookmark his blog then..
I'm not getting anywhere with this thing :(
I'll mention this ans save you the trouble:
* it seems to only work with Python 2.3 (the various other installs you need to make it work require this distro)
* I keep getting a weird error "", line 27, in ?    import win32com ImportError: No module named win32com"
* Blogger sucks - you can't make anonymous comments! By default??!! So much for interacting.... Now I can't even ask the guy how I should solve the problem..
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