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I've been DNR'ed

I got an anonymous tip today at IVCUG, that my name has come up at one of the last .NET Rocks Shows. I looked it up, and indeed, it's mentioned in the last two minutes of Mark Dunne's InfoPath related show on DNR. Mark gives some props to The Regulator (thanks Mark!) and the boys generally have a lot of fun pronouncing my name (that's O-SHE-RO-V, BTW). I can't help it if InfoPath just don't drive me nuts so that's one of the only shows I haven't actually listened to, figures..
In any case, they also mentioned I might have a podcast somewhere, sort of a .NET Rocks, Israel style. Well, not quite. It's just my ongoing list of online interviews that I've been doing with several folks, some of them on .NET, but mostly they are about management, architecture and Agile methodologies.
Have fun!

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