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Should I set up an OR Mapping Related web portal?

Update: The site is now live, and waiting for your shared knowledge to be written into it!

Check it out: www.ORMappers.Com

I'm In the process of creating a site that will deal with ORMappers (of all technologies). This site will be community driven in its content, but as such, I'm putting together a team of people who can help manage it and contribute  to it.

Would you be interested In Reading such a web site?

Would you be interested In writing for that site various articles (or sharing articles from your own site) on that technology?

I'm looking for product reviews, architecture insights and anything that might interest developers and decision makes about OR Mapping.

When the site goes live, some of the more prominent writers will be given the role of "Content Manager" and will be able to shape the content of the site by helping approve and review articles submitted by other site members.Those content managers will also have special credits on the site for their hard work.

Think of it as a big blog, with the ability to write long articles in it, which will have a targeted viewership.It should be *the* place people will go to find out about what's new and cool in the world of OR Mapping.

Content you can write for the site:

- Daily/weekly news

- Product reviews relating to OR Mapping

- Technology Articles (a deep as you like)

- Opinion pieces about the state of the art in ORMapping or other things in that realm

- Special columns with this technology in mind

- General Architecture and best practices for people who deal with applications that might need ORMapping

- your ideas are welcome.


The only payment you'll receive is that of contributing to the community, and getting your name up there in the credits. As the site grows, we might start to get sponsorships and such, and at that time it may be time to start talking about real financial compensation.

For now, and always, it should be for the love of what we do.

I'd be happy to hear from you. - whether you think the idea is a no-go, or you'd love it, or you'd love to contribute to it, or you'd love to help manage content (only if you know enough about this topic!)

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this post.

ORMappers.Com is open for business (sort of)

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