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ORMappers.Com is open for business (sort of)

As promised, here's a portal I made dedicated to Object Relational Mapping Tools , Technologies and reviews.


The site is currently very thin with information, but that's why it's a community site. I'm counting on you, the community, to help out and put your thoughts, reviews and experiences into the site. That's why registration is free, and any registered user can write to the site's main feed anything (pending review before publishing) they want regarding O/R Mapping.


So - you should be writing on the site if:

  • You know about or are the maker of an O/R Mapping product that's not listed there (And it won't - the list is currently empty!)
  • You have worked/tried to work with an O/R mapping product and want to share the experience with others on the site's main feed
  • You heard some news regarding O/R mapping (new product coming out, new patches, new version..)
  • You read a great blog post or article about it and want to share it with readers
  • You want to write a full review about a product related to O/R Mapping
  • You have an opinion about O/R mapping or related technology in general that you think everyone should hear about

Go, have fun, and start posting. I hope this works out. With enough community involvement, this could be the one-stop shop for considering working with o/r mapping tools.


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