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Catch me speaking at DevTeach

I will be speaking at the upcoming DevTeach conference in Canada this upcoming May. It's my first time to DevTeach and even to Canada for that matter. Exciting!

The talks I'll be giving at DevTeach are :

  • Continuous Integration Tools in .NET
  • Techniques for Testing Data Access code
  • (probably) Introduction to Agile Development Concepts

I'm happy to say that a couple of other Israeli presenters (and bloggers) will be speaking at DevTeach this year: Oren Eini and Udi Dahan.


After DevTeach I may be staying in Canada for an extra week ("may" == I'm still not sure if I want to be away from how for a full two weeks with a new kid and a sleepless wife at home)

to do a user group tour in Canada. If it works out,I'll be speaking at four user group locations, all around Canada (Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Victoria). Topics for this haven't been decided yet, but should include Agile Development and Team System stuff, as well as any other material they'd want me to do.


Prepare sourcesafe for the daylight time change in the U.S

Cheat Sheets for ASP.NET, Regex, Mock Objects and more