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See you At the DevTeach Agile Track!

I'll be speaking at the upcoming DevTeach in Canada on the 15th Of May on the following topics:

And yes, I'll be bringing my guitar along for a small song at the end of each session!

I'll also be joined by two other Israeli bloggers in the Agile Track, organized by noted blogger Scott Bellware:

Oren Eini (Ayende), creator of RhinoMocks and many other cool projects, and Udi Dahan, The software Simplist, SOA Specialist and all around noted .NET architect.

User Group Tour

The Week After that I'll be doing a user group tour across Canada(not finalized, but 99% chance this is the final one):

  • Edmonton – Tuesday   22nd
  • Winnipeg – Wednesday   23rd
  • Toronto – Thursday   24th

I'm still not sure what the talk topics will be, but I'm pretty sure it may have something to do with Agile Development, regular Expressions or other .NET topics. Any special requests?

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