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IL Debug Visualizer for Compiled Lambda Expressions, MethodBase and DynamicMethod

Mark Watts just emailed me with cool news. He took the Dynamic Method visualizers I worked on and created a version of them that will also work and show the IL on Lambda Expressions. here's the full list of changes he did to the source code:

1) Solution and projects all coverted over to VS2008

2) References to Microsoft.VisualStudio.DebuggerVisualizers updated to version 9

3) M3 and M4 methods added in the test project to demonstrate how to use the new functionality

4) MethodBodyVisualizer added DebuggerVisualizer attribute to target Delegates - not 100% certain this is safe but there is a lot of spelunking around where the brave fear to tread in this project. :)

5) ILReader project

    * Updated ILReaderFactory.GetReader to attempt to recognize when the target is a lamda expression and retrieve the correct MethodBase for it.

    * Updated DynamicScopeTokenResolver to handle GenericFieldInfo - Compiled Expressions store strings and the like in a global generic field array that is part of the delegate and is of type GenericFieldInfo.


* Download available here -



- take the dlls from the bin directory

- put them under my documents\visual studio\visualizers.

- if the directory does not exist, create it.

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