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It's Time For Violence: A song about Databases

It's my pleasure to introduce the first "production" of one of my developer songs, which I've also sung at the awesome DevTeach conference.

The song talks about my experiences working with a database on a project not too long ago.. I hope you find it... familiar.

This was done with CoolEdit pro, with about 6 tracks of audio, each recorded on my laptop, with a special Guitar to USB Cable I purchased. It's hardly production quality, but I think it's "listenable" enough for people to enjoy.


Time For Violence

A Song about Databases

Lyrics By Roy Osherove


Hello DB My old friend

I need to work with you again

That stored procedure aint lookin' well

Who wrote that trigger should go to jail

and that index, It is slower than a snail

What the hell


I guess it's time

For violence


Man whoever wrote this code

That bastard's gonna hit the road

Now the customer is gonna sue

Instead of red my face are turning blue

and it seems like

there is no way out of this

there's just a hiss


I guess it's time

for violence


I'm angry and I want a name

That DBA should be ashamed

What's that you're saying?

It's ME to blame?

That database was MY OWN sick game?

Oh that's right

it was me who did the design

It was mine


I guess it's time

For silence

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