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Agile Israel Conference 2007 - Call For Speakers

This is a public call for speakers for the first Agile Conference in Israel - Agile Israel 2007. 

We don't have a site yet, but the current date for the conference is (mark your calendars): December 16 2007.

The conference will be 2 days long with a pre-conference track and we're considering adding a post-conference track as well.

We (as in Myself and Sela, who is helping to organize and sponsor this) are bringing in several speakers from abroad as well as well known Agile folks from Israel. However, I'm looking for speakers for two types of sessions:

1) Breakout sessions - 75 minute sessions

2) Whiteboard sessions (also called Chalk & Talk) - No slides, just you and the audience

If you think you can contribute to such a conference and you'd like to talk about anything that's somehow related to Agile development (methodologies, techniques etc..) ping me by email to Roy at


Also, expect news about the Agile Israel user group, which should be coming soon!

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