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Oslo TDD Course – First day canceled

I’m so sorry to announce this. Due to various flight delays coming in to Oslo from Tel aviv, I am stuck in munich, only coming into Oslo tomorrow afternoon. That means that if you are part of my TDD course starting tomorrow, tomorrow’s day is canceled.

Instead the following will take place:

  • Class starts Tuesday morning at 8AM (instead of 9AM) and will begin so for the rest of the week at 8.
  • We will try to finish days a bit later (though I doubt of the effectiveness – it’s a tough class and at the end of the day everyone is beat). We’ll see how this goes.
  • We will see about adding a half day or maybe more on Saturday if the class wants to. I will delay my return flight home to make this happen.

Again, my apologies – these are unforeseen circumstances, but for next time I will be sure to pick flights that wil have less risks like this.

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